Millie & Bailey Kindergarten

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Where Kindergartners Build ConfidenceProduct InformationThis special collection of eight activities fromMillie’s Math House and Bailey’s Book House contains specially selectedactivities that offer students grade-specific multi-subject learning tools todevelop their skills and confidence in school.Special features include Explore & Discoverand Question & Answer modes that carefully balance independent play withdirected learning and positive gentle feedback that guides students to success.Discover magic in reading math and science!With 27 activities in 10 locations equal parts fun and education and two waysto learn your child will have experience an entertaining way to learn!Skills LearnedReading/Language Arts Phonics Rhyming Spelling Prepositions Vocabulary Adjectives Three-Letter Words Matching Picture with Words Sentence Completion Math Addition and Subtraction Number Sentences Numbers Quantities Patterns.Science Categorization Critical Thinking Prediction Manipulating Variables Plants & Animals Building from Blueprint Weather Terms Observation Sequencing SeasonsThinking Skills Problem Solving Critical Thinking Creativity & Imagination Listening & Observing Following Directions Curiosity & Risk Taking Social Skills Communications Courtesy Self-esteem and Confidence Product FeaturesAdd and SubtractPlay What’s My Number by placing the same number of objects on your stageas Dorothy has on hers. How many is that? You’ll have to count add and subtractto find out!See and Hear PatternsCreate recognize and complete patterns with Bing and Boing a pair ofbouncing pals. As they hop on a picture it makes a wacky sound. Record your ownsounds for even more fun!Master Simple PrepositionsWhere’s Edmo? It’s up to you! Direct the action and sendLatest Technical Development.

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